Security is your concern; Helping you provide it is ours. This one simple sentence can mean something different to each of you. What we “need” to be safe may not be the same as what we “want” to feel safe. At Oram Security we can provide you with both need and want. This can range from corporate training in A.V.E.R.T. Active Violence Emergency Response Training, R.T.B.A.V. Refuse To Be A Victim, Workplace Violence, CPR and First Aid Certification to conducting security survey/assessments and firearms instruction. Please take some time in visiting our website. If there is some type of training or service you are looking for, please contact us to discuss it. Our client base ranges from individuals to corporate and groups.

Stay Safe,

Oram Security

Oram Security Consultants is owned and operated by Simon Oram. Simon served for 14 years in the United States Marine Corps and Reserves as a Scout Sniper Section Leader. With over 25 years in the security field as well as an instructor in multiple disciplines his experience covers personal safety, firearms, risk assessments, and medical.

Oram Security Consultants, is a nationally recognized consulting and training firm that provides industry leaders, companies and private citizens with unbiased security solutions. Our instructors are certified with the State Of Connecticut, International Foundation For Protection Officers, NRA, American Red Cross and more.