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Residential Security Assesment

Most residential burglars devote little if any time to the advance planning of any specific break-in. Their crimes are, for the most part, crimes of opportunity. They pick what appears to be an easy mark. If their advance checking and closer examination reveal a greater risk than anticipated, they move onto a safer target. The more you can do to keep your home from looking like an easy target, the safer you are.

There are also many steps that you can take to minimize your loss and improve your chances of recovery if a break-in does occur. The first step in improving overall security is to take a hard look at the security measures already in use in your home. To help your with this task, OSC uses a Residential Security Assesment.

Conducting a security assesment is important. Your home cannot be adequately protected until weaknesses are identified and corrected. We will evaluate your entire home and property, not just alarm system. Lighting, landscaping, windows, locks and your security procedures. Yes, just like at work, you need to have procedures. A security plan at home.

Contact us to schedule a residential assesment.  Cost for an assesment varies on the size and type of residence. Apartments and Condos as well as homes can benifit from a professional assessment.