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Oram Security Consultants is an independent security consulting company that can help businesses identify and manage their security risks. 

We help companies and organizations that don't have a security department or full-time security manager on staff. We can serve as your "on-call" security advisor to help you get your security program on track or to help you to solve a specific security problem.

We also help organizations that do have a security department by providing assistance with special projects as well as offering an objective outside look at the way that security is presently managed.

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Awareness, Deterrence, and Avoidance Refuse To Be A Victim - A Crime Prevention Seminar
ADA deals primarily with the mental aspects of situational awareness as well as providing practical crime prevention tools.
RTBAV, offers vital personal protection information to groups as diverse as high school or college students, to corporate employees and religious groups.  RTBAV is a non-shooting, non-firearms class that educates the public, giving them essential information for their safety. 
It teaches methods to promote awareness, avoid dangerous situations and prevent criminal confrontations.
Course includes a 80 page manual and a course completion certificate.